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Cultivation Chat Group

NovelCultivation Chat GroupCultivation Chat Group
Cultivation Chat Group
Chapter 1621 – № Hamster’s goal few mindless
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Music Shuhang smiled, petting Li Yinzhu’s top of your head. “Good work, Yinzhu. Later on, let us discover a way to search those ‘zombies’ to receive dark dragon nature stones and activate your money. ”
A couple of days previously, when Melody Shuhang’s stainless steel manifestation crossed its tribulation, it relied on the ‘magical energy very best-up device’ for it to be to the stop.
With her 4th Stage intellectual vitality, it ought to be no trouble on her behalf to safely move all the way in the 4th Amount area of the Dragon Network system.
Over the facet, the demonic hamster sat cross-legged because of the windows featuring its view closed up mainly because it meditated.
“That is what I wish to do,” Music Shuhang stated. “When Girl Kunna occurs through, we will inquire her where we could find some zombies that are compatible with us.”
Older Scarlet Paradise Sword said, “Shall we go and hunt those ‘zombies’? In the process, we will also have a look at that collection of remote-regulated wonderful treasures which provides a comfortable emotion.”
Cultivation Chat Group
Nevertheless, when Older person White Two noticed Track Shuhang freeload off Skylark’s demonic tribulation inside the Netherworld Kingdom, dealing with to condense a ‘Demonic Seal’, he suddenly experienced a thought.
He only found it necessary to provide № Hamster with enough marvelous treasures and enough soul gemstones to survive the demonic tribulation.
A short while later on.
To make confident that the tribulation journeyed efficiently, Older person Bright Two geared up the demonic hamster with a number of sets of unique wonderful treasures, capsules, and raise-form methods.
This is also why she’d welcomed Mr. Track Shuhang as being a visitor at her home.
He will make it such that its electrical power would often be with the peak from the Seventh Phase.
Young lady Kunna had only just thought of ‘stopping’ in the event the pain of being pregnant and giving birth possessed recently been shared in her mind.
Furthermore, the handsome man who manufactured Girl Kunna fall in love initially view seemed to be about as powerful being the dango.
№ Hamster explained confidently in the intellect.
To enable sure the tribulation gone easily, Older person Whitened Two loaded the demonic hamster with many sets of special mystical treasures, tablets, and enhance-type methods.
He could possibly make it to ensure that its strength would often be for the highest in the Seventh Level.
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“Just what actually transpired while I was drunk now?” she explained in pain.
Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword claimed, “Shall we go and search those ‘zombies’? Along the route, we can easily also have a look at that gang of remote control-controlled magical treasures which gives you with a comfortable experience.”
Within the room.
It might not at all make it possible for itself to always be left behind behind… It may well training seriously, and endeavor to move forward to the honest Eighth Period a stride before Tune Shuhang did!
When she’d slightly sobered up this time, she uncovered herself on the temple with Mr. Shuhang. Along with her intellect, there was some odd ability to remember pieces that had showed up out of thin air.
Nonetheless, when Older person Whitened Two found Music Shuhang freeload off Skylark’s demonic tribulation during the Netherworld Kingdom, taking care of to condense a ‘Demonic Seal’, he suddenly had an understanding.
These ‘research memories’ had been gradually simply being absorbed by her mind, and changed into her very own expertise.
These ‘research memories’ have been gradually getting assimilated by her head, and converted into her very own know-how.
Then, together with the ‘Eighth Level Unique Sage Dialog ma.n.you.script’ he’d made, № Hamster must be able to easily condense a Demonic Seal off for the 5th Point!
About the side, the demonic hamster sat cross-legged via the windows using its eye closed as it meditated.
Chapter 1621: № Hamster’s intention
“Was this a lucky experience?” Girl Kunna drank the wine beverage during the gla.s.s a single drink. “Hmm, I’ll go and fulfill track of Mr. Shuhang. Ought I consult him about Mr. Dango in doing my storage?”
Its cultivation world acquired prolonged reached the maximum of the 4th Phase. If issues had long gone typically, it could possibly previously ascended to the Fifth Stage in the past, as well as condensed a demonic key with nine patterns.


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