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The Doctress With Healing Hands: Your Highness, Please Behave Yourself
Chapter 412 fork sharp
Zhao Yanzi was about to buzz through when she saw that this was the Kun-level cultivator who acquired decreased in lieu of Zhao Kuo!
The ident.i.ty token hanging by Hao Ren’s waistline shone with a yellow lighting .
Where Duty Called
He had your bottle from his diamond necklace and swallowed an Heart and soul Replenishment Dietary supplement ahead of sitting go across-legged inside of a interesting recognize .
“Permit Third Grandfather relaxation,” Hao Ren explained .
“Gongzi, we’ll help you to easy from the meridians . ” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili endured on either sides of Hao Ren, as well as every had certainly one of his arms .
Obviously, Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi possessed skipped the climax from the challenge . After they reached Li Xia Arena, Zhao Kuo had just done combating the Kun-degree cultivator .
The remaining 12 cultivators, like Hao Ren, collected within the grand market .
Lower on the floor, Zhao Kuo didn’t welcome Zhao Guang plus the other people . Alternatively, he sat downward in a area and circulated his nature heart and soul to repair his wounds and break up the vitamins and minerals through the Substance Replenishment Tablets .
“Once you!”
Zhao Yanzi was about to speed around when she noticed so it was the Kun-level cultivator who had fallen rather then Zhao Kuo!
Lu Qi was unconscious and disheveled while Hao Ren was intact .
The audience around the Qiu Fen Arena didnt be aware of the situation yet . Hao Ren kicked the floor lightly along with his still left feet and given back to the centre of the field . The 320 sword energies came back to Hao Rens entire body with swoos.h.i.+ng appears to be . Lu Qi was unconscious and disheveled while Hao Ren was undamaged . Wow! The crowd exclaimed . This combat survived for example hr while the sword energies plus the chess bits fought with each other, however it ended very quickly . Lu Qi employed a dharma cherish to regulate the chess parts while Hao Ren regulated his sword energies along with his intellect straight . Other than, he mostly utilized 160 sword energies to block the 360 chess sections, exhibiting those who was more powerful . The inspector liable for the Qiu Fen Field was obviously a minor surprised likewise . After several a few moments of reluctance, he finally elevated the indication, Ren Yin . There have been altogether 24 smaller arenas in each individual direction, so there were 96 arenas overall . Just after defeating Lu Qi, Hao Ren accessed the most known 48, which resulted in regardless of whether he dropped the rest of the matches, he could be among the top 50 and so would keep your position of any.s.sisting inspector until up coming years Dragon G.o.d Shrines common examinations . Besides the 48 who would develop into a.s.sisting inspectors without a doubt, other two could well be picked by the principal examiners as soon as the fight exams . Oh yeah, 3 rd Uncle! Just after observing Hao Ren earning the combat, Zhao Yanzi out of the blue appreciated Zhao Kuo and immediately forced with the herd toward the Li Xia Market . Hao Ren also appreciated Zhao Kuo, so he leaped frontward lightly and going for the reason that motion . Zhao Yanzi who has been attempting her a good idea to fit with the crowd abruptly identified herself simply being picked up to the air . Alarmed, she checked up and found it turned out Hao Ren . Do not relocate! Hao Ren looked straight down at Zhao Yanzi on his biceps and triceps and brought her via the waistline when he flew toward Li Xia Field . Wrapped in Hao Rens arms, Zhao Yanzi considered Hao Rens chiseled cheeks, emotion his forearms beneath her midsection and smelling his warm smell right after a struggle . All of a sudden, her cardiovascular system begun to race . Bang! Attaining from your atmosphere near the Li Xia Area, Hao Ren cleared a wide open s.p.a.ce within the crowd in reference to his reputation . The cultivators close to him viewed him . Every time they spotted the silver dragon embroidery on his light brown robe that was signaling his ident.i.ty as being an a.s.sisting inspector, they kept their silence . These cultivators were definitely seniors into their particular dragon clans, but also in the territory from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, they didnt desire to offend even an a.s.sisting inspector . Disregarding the surrounding cultivators, Hao Ren gently placed Zhao Yanzi onto the surface . Zhao Yanzi purged with embarra.s.sment and couldnt even look up . Out of the blue, she valued that her thirdly grandfather was still in a conflict and immediately appeared up at the arena . Around the Li Xia Market, Zhao Kuo was panting while his entire body was coated in blood flow . 3rd Uncle… Zhao Yanzi did not remember her girly muses and screamed on the appearance of Zhao Kuo . With two blazing fireb.a.l.l.s on either side of him, the flame-elemental Kun-amount cultivator stood in the heart of the world . Except for a number of tears as part of his dark brown robe, he appeared undamaged . Zhao Kuos right hand shook slightly whilst it held a defensive motion, but his left-hand dangled listlessly almost like it was actually ruined . Boom! A burly body lowered to the ground instantly . Zhao Yanzi was about to dash above when she saw which it was the Kun-point cultivator who had fallen as opposed to Zhao Kuo! Humph! Zhao Kuo snorted in disdain . Standing firmly over the side of the market, he got away container of capsules Hao Ren brought him and added out three white Heart and soul Replenis.h.i.+ng Products prior to swallowing them . Instantaneously, some razor-sharp-eyed cultivators saw that Zhao Kuos elixir capsules ended up levels 4 tablets! Enjoying three amount 4 pills all at once! Through the appearances of this, he has 1 100 % jar of which! they thinking . The amount 2 inspectors through the industry envied his high class . All things considered, amount 4 drugs were rare during the Dragon G.o.d Shrine! Immediately after swallowing three Fact Replace Capsules, Zhao Kuos ashen facial area regained some l.you.s.ter . After kicking the Kun-levels cultivator right out of the area, he looked around viciously before leaping out of the arena . All of the cultivators who attained Zhao Kuos gaze s.h.i.+vered internally . Straight down on the floor, Zhao Kuo didnt meet Zhao Guang plus the other individuals . Preferably, he sat lower at the place and circulated his characteristics fact to treat his injuries and breakdown the nourishing substances coming from the Essence Replenishment Pills . 3 rd Uncle… Zhao Yanzi was approximately to method him, but Hao Ren halted her . Enable Third Uncle remainder, Hao Ren said . Clearly, Hao Ren and Zhao Yanzi acquired skipped the climax in the struggle . Whenever they found Li Xia World, Zhao Kuo had just complete battling the Kun-point cultivator . Only at Dui-amount, Zhao Kuo must not have beaten a Kun-stage cultivator Hao Ren couldnt envision how Zhao Kuo handled it . Along with her left arm in Hao Rens hands, Zhao Yanzis center raced in great amounts . With a little nod, she pulled Hao Ren slowly to Zhao Hongyu and Zhao Guangs facet . Ren won the match up, correct? Zhao Hongyu investigated Hao Ren and asked him having a faint grin . Yeah! Hao Ren nodded without reluctance . On the other hand, yet another two pairs of cultivators were fighting from the two arenas, but w.a.n.g Xi had not been one of them . Obviously, he obtained also done his complement . Xie Yujia took Lu Linlin, Lu Lili, and Zhen Congming to Zhao Hongyus aspect . Acquire this time around to receive some relax . Finding Hao Ren still standing upright by Zhao Hongyus side, Xie Yujia urged him . The cultivators who obtained finished their battles earlier will have additional time to rest, which was essential for the upcoming ferocious battles . Gongzi, well help you to steady your meridians . Lu Linlin and Lu Lili withstood on both sides of Hao Ren, with each had taken among his biceps and triceps . The instant their characteristics heart and soul joined his palms, it come across tough reluctance . Abruptly, their fingers were definitely bounced off him . Arrays are preventing our nature basis in Gongzis entire body! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili exchanged an appearance right before looking at Hao Ren in big surprise . Hehehe… Hao Ren laughed, aiming to easy factors through . He required out your product from his pendant and swallowed an Basis Replenishment Supplement ahead of seated go across-legged in a very great area . When Lu Linlin and Lu Lili attempted to adhere to him, Zhao Hongyu achieved out her hands and fingers and stopped them . This is Hao Rens chance to boost themselves . Wed far better allow him to achieve it by themself, Zhao Hongyu said gently while placating these with her eyeballs . Dang! Dang… The Dragon G.o.d Shrines bell sounded . It was three inside the afternoon! The ident.i.ty expression dangling by Hao Rens midsection shone with a yellowish lighting . The ident.i.ty expression on Zhao Kuo, who was resting not far from him, also lit up . Yellow-colored signals lit up in five other places . In the mean time, Qin Shaoyang, who has been using a metallic robe by using a four-clawed great dragon embroidery into it, went out casually during the firm of other six levels 4 inspectors . Being the main examiner in this spot, Qin Shaoyang sat inside the largest armchair in the center although the 6 deputy examiners sat for both ends of him . By using a influx of his right-hand, the 12 ident.i.ty tokens in the eastern test location flew into Qin Shaoyangs arms and promptly dimmed . It meant yet another 12 cultivators were disqualified for the upcoming around . With just one wave of his palm, Qin Shaoyang presented all people his guru . The remaining 12 cultivators, like Hao Ren, accumulated within the fantastic world . Following Zhao Kuo possessed defeated one particular Kun-levels cultivator, there had been 1 Gen-levels cultivator, that was Hao Ren, a number of Dui-amount cultivators, 6 Xun-stage cultivators, and the other Kun-levels cultivator, plus they ended up all guys . Among the original some a.s.sisting inspectors, a single Dui-level a.s.sisting inspector was defeated by way of a Xun-levels cultivator, simply two Xun-amount a.s.sisting inspectors and Hao Ren were remaining . It resulted in the Dui-point a.s.sisting inspector who experienced shed the match didnt pa.s.s the Dragon G.o.d Shrines common examinations and therefore suddenly lost his t.i.tle just as one a.s.sisting inspector . Right after winning with a thin margin, Hao Ren came into the most notable 48 and successfully held his t.i.tle of any.s.sisting inspector, but he focused to go into the best five and become an official inspector to make sure that he could kick Qin Shaoyang out of East Water Area! The next battle examinations can be located in the huge area . Being a significant a part of the Dragon G.o.d Shrines standard exams, your selection of formal inspectors was worthy of the individual focus of Qin Shaoyang, the key examiner . The 1st match… Qin Shaoyang glanced at every one of the 12 cultivators and paused on Hao Ren for 50 % a 2nd prior to carrying on with a loud speech, Ren Mao versus Ren Yin! Along with the Ren Mao ident.i.ty token on his stomach, w.a.n.g Xi had one half one step forwards . Staying called by Qin Shaoyang, Hao Ren needed one half one step forwards reluctantly . w.a.n.g Xi was now at middle of the-tier Xun-degree and was the best a single one of the 6 Xun-point cultivators . This switch clearly proved Qin Shaoyangs intent . The 2nd go with, Bin Mao versus Gen Yin the third go with, Gui Mao versus Yi Yin . Qin Shaoyang ongoing to announce the necessary arrangements . Each and every cultivator named by Qin Shaoyang needed fifty percent one step forward . The 6th match… Well before Qin Shaoyang could broadcast it, absolutely everyone knew the layout . Among the list of 12 cultivators, only two hadnt stepped ahead yet still people were Zhao Kuo as well as the past Kun-stage cultivator . Qin Shaoyang designed to have Zhao Kuo overcome two Kun-amount cultivators consecutively! Exactly why he didnt request the struggle between Zhao Kuo and Hao Ren was which he desired neither of those on the top! Jerk! On a lawn, Zhao Yanzi appeared up at Qin Shaoyang with gritted tooth enamel . An instant previously, her next grandfather almost missing one half of his daily life from the struggle against a single Kun-levels cultivator, and Qin Shaoyang designed consumption of his potential as the main examiner to produce this layout on purpose! Seeing and hearing the set up, Zhao Guang clenched his fist, and the vision have been packed with rage . Realizing Zhao Kuos ident.i.ty, Qin Shaoyang was purposefully complex the East Ocean Dragon Palace! We need to consult Zhao Kuo to quit the test, Zhao Hongyu stated after some sigh . Start off! Qin Shaoyang waved his palm and sat in his armchair . Ten cultivators picture out from the lavish area . With their light brown robes, Hao Ren and w.a.n.g Xi stood over the huge rectangular industry that was 300 meters long and 300 yards extensive . Both of which appeared like two small chess parts . Hao Ren appeared around . The crowd was bundled, but Su Han who could take out the Five Hills Bracelets was nowhere to be noticed . Whenever you! w.a.n.g Xi elevated his right-hand and signaled the starting of the battle .
“The sixth match…” Before Qin Shaoyang could publicize it, anyone understood the agreement .
chimera demon girl
Among the list of unique 4 a.s.sisting inspectors, one Dui-level a.s.sisting inspector was conquered using a Xun-levels cultivator, simply two Xun-stage a.s.sisting inspectors and Hao Ren ended up still left .
Obtaining from your heavens next to the Li Xia World, Hao Ren cleared a wide open s.p.a.ce in the audience together with his appearance .
A second before, her next granddad almost shed 50 % of his everyday life during the combat against a single Kun-point cultivator, and Qin Shaoyang produced utilization of his electrical power because the principal examiner to create this set up on purpose!
An instant before, her third granddad almost lost 50 % of his everyday life within the battle against a single Kun-point cultivator, and Qin Shaoyang designed application of his ability since the most important examiner to produce this design on objective!
Lu Qi applied a dharma value to regulate the chess parts while Hao Ren handled his sword energies along with his brain specifically . Furthermore, he mostly applied 160 sword energies to block the 360 chess bits, indicating folks who was more powerful .
Quickly, some well-defined-eyed cultivators saw that Zhao Kuo’s elixir drugs were levels 4 pills!
By using a wave of his right-hand, the 12 ident.i.ty tokens coming from the eastern side exam place flew into Qin Shaoyang’s hands and fingers and instantaneously dimmed .
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Zhao Kuo’s right hand shook slightly although it held a protective touch, but his left-hand dangled listlessly almost like it was actually busted .
These cultivators ended up elders inside their respective dragon clans, nevertheless in the territory from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine, they didn’t wish to upset even an a.s.sisting inspector .
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The ident.i.ty expression hanging by Hao Ren’s midsection shone with a discolored light-weight .
While using Ren Mao ident.i.ty expression on his waistline, w.a.n.g Xi required 50 percent a step forwards .
The rest of the 12 cultivators, which includes Hao Ren, harvested from the huge market .
As soon as their nature heart and soul entered his hands, it stumbled upon intense strength . Unexpectedly, their hands and fingers were actually bounced off him .
The Lady of the Decoration
Right after ingesting three Essence Re-supply Drugs, Zhao Kuo’s ashen face regained some l.you.s.ter . Just after kicking the Kun-point cultivator out from the world, he looked close to viciously ahead of jumping away from the industry .
Dang! Dang… The Dragon G.o.d Shrine’s bell sounded .
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“Arrays are blocking our aspect substance in Gongzi’s body system!” Lu Linlin and Lu Lili exchanged a glance just before considering Hao Ren in astonish .
The ident.i.ty token hanging by Hao Ren’s waistline shone by using a yellow lightweight .
Zhao Yanzi was about to hurry around when she noticed it was the Kun-level cultivator who possessed fallen as an alternative to Zhao Kuo!


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